Technical Committees

IEEE EMC Society Technical Committees

There are 10 Technical Committees of the IEEE EMC Society. These committees provide technical guidance to the Board of Directors and the general membership. Each of the technical committees provides expertise in a particular technical area. Responsibilities of the technical committees include:

  • Providing technical assistance and advice to the EMC Society Board of Directors
  • Periodically sponsoring workshops or special sessions at the annual symposium
  • Reviewing papers submitted for presentation at IEEE EMC Society sponsored symposia
  • Initiating or contributing to standards activity in their technical area
  • Monitoring and informing the membership of new developments in their technical area

Volunteers to serve on the technical committees are always appreciated. Members must be able to attend meetings held once a year in conjunction with the annual symposium. Application for membership in a technical committee must be made in writing (email is ok) to the chairman of the technical committee.

TC 1 EMC Management

TC 2 EMC Measurements

TC 3 Electromagnetic Environment

TC 4 Electromagnetic Interference Control

TC 5 High Power Electromagnetics

TC 6 Spectrum Engineering

TC 7 Low Frequency EMC

TC 9 Computational Electromagnetics

TC 10 Signal and Power Integrity

TC 11 Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

TC 12 EMC for Emerging Wireless Technologies

IEEE EMC Society Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The IEEE EMC Society Technical Advisory Committee is composed of the chairs of each of the eleven Technical Committees and a TAC chair.

IEEE EMC Society Special Committees

SC 1 Special Committee on Smart Grid

SC 2 Special Committee on Low Frequency EMC is now TC 7

SC 4 EMC for Emerging Wireless Technologies is now TC 12

SC 5 Power Electronics EMC

SC 6 Unmanned Aircraft Systems EMC

SC 7 Special Committee on Aeronautics and Space EMC

Suggested Symposium Technical Paper Templates

Doc, PDF, and LaTeX versions available here