Special Committee 6 - Unmanned Aircraft Systems EMC

SC 6 -Unmanned Aircraft Systems EMC

This committee is concerned with design, testing, modeling/simulation required for system level EMC for unmanned aircraft systems that will be engaged in all weather autonomous single and cooperative flight. Special emphasis is on spectrum management on intra and inter-system interactions (platform integration), mission specific data security and bandwidth requirements, and robust performance in the presence of high intensity radiated fields (HIRF). Engagement in the development of standards will be a key role of this special committee.


Interested in joining?

If you are an IEEE EMC Society member and would like to join this special committee, please contact one of the committee SC6 officers with your name and IEEE membership number. The committee primarily will communicate electronically and using teleconferencing.  It will also meet face to face as needed and at the annual IEEE EMC Symposium.

Have ideas?

If you are not an IEEE member but have a comment or suggestion, we would like to hear from you. Please contact an appropriate committee officer with your ideas.