For Election of Members to the Board of Directors

For a Three-Year Term 1 January 2018 – 31 December 2020


HENRY BENITEZ (M’94-SM’00) is an iNARTE certified EMC Engineer with 30 plus years EMC experience. He has a BSEE degree from University of Portland and is a member of the University of Portland Electrical Engineering Faculty/Industry Advisory Board.

He is President of ElectroMagnetic Investigations, LLC. Previous experience at Tektronix (Senior EMC engineer), Intel (EMC Lab Manager), and Hewlett Packard (Senior Regulation Engineer).

Experience on international (IEC) EMC standards making committees, regulatory committees (ITI) and as a representative on USA/ANSI liaison committees with the European Union Commission.

He has contributed 30+ articles or presentations in technical magazines, colloquiums, workshops and conferences and has presented at conferences in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Hobbies include racquetball, tennis and other sports. He enjoys travel and family activities.

IEEE/EMCS Activities:
COMMITTEE/BOARD: IEEE activities include service as an IEEE EMC Society Board Director, Chapter Angel, EMCS Sections Coordinator, Chapter founder and Chairman of the Portland International EMC Symposium in 2006.
CHAPTER: Founder of Oregon and SW Washington EMCS Chapter and PSES Chapter. Chapter chairman for both chapters.
CONFERENCES: Chairman of the EMCS International Symposium in 2006. Set record for financial success.
AWARDS: 2000 IEEE Millennium medal from Oregon and SW Washington Section, EMCS Symposium Chair plaque, EMCS Awards Chair Certificate, local Chapter plaques for chairing local Technical Colloquiums.

I will promote the following:
•  Greater worldwide membership.
•  Creation of more EMCS Chapters worldwide.
•  Greater EMCS member benefits, such as more local or regional conferences, lower member conference fees, and keeping membership dues low.
•  Leveraging member benefits with other IEEE societies, councils and/or affinity groups.
•  Unbiased, reasonable and proactive initiatives for the betterment of the IEEE EMC Society and its members.


ROBERT DAVIS (S’72-M’73-SM’10-LS’16) Over 30 years’ experience working as an Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Engineer on Department of Defense related programs and the Space Shuttle program. My employer for the last 27 years has been Lockheed Corporation, where I have worked on ground based radar, submarine, surface Ship and under water UUV programs. The other companies I worked for include Hamilton Standard Corp., American Electronic Laboratories and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center (currently the Joint Spectrum Center).

I have been active in the GEIA G46 EMC Subcommittee for the last 16 years, where I have served as the Chairman for the last 13 years.

IEEE/EMCS Activities:
COMMITTEE/BOARD: Member of the Board of Directors 2008-2013 and 2015-2017, VP for Member Services (2009-2014), Past Chair for the Completed Careers Committee
REGION: Region 1
CHAPTER: Syracuse Joint AP/MTT/EMC
•  Vice Chair, IEEE Symposium on EMC & SIPI (2015; Santa Clara, CA)
•  Secretary, IEEE International Symposium on EMC (2010, 2012 & 2014)
•  Volunteer Coordinator, IEEE International Symposium on EMC (2011 & 2016 [Co-Chair])
•  Marketing Chair, IEEE International Symposium on EMC & SIPI (2017)

•  Certificate of Appreciation – Vice Chair IEEE Symposium on EMC & SIPI (2015)
•  Certificate of Appreciation – Secretary IEEE International Symposium on EMC (2010 & 2012)
•  Certificate of Appreciation – Volunteer Coordinator IEEE International Symposium on EMC (2011)

Accomplishments/Recognition: Active member of the Board of Directors; established the Completed Careers Committee, to honor those members that had significantly contributed to the society and had recently passed away. As VP for Member Services: I worked closely with the BoD and other members of the Executive Committee in establishing a 1) Graduate of the Last Decade (GOLD) Representative position, Student Liaison position, Section Coordinator position and a Sister Society Committee. With BoD’s approval, I established new Membership Co-coordinator positions in China and India. Created a new on-line EMC Society Membership Survey that debuted at the 2012 EMC Symposium. Successfully stayed within my budget, for each term of my Vice Presidency. Successfully negotiated a $20,000 Promotions Initiative for 2012-2014 that was used to 1) purchase new membership displays for the USA and Regions 8 – 10, and 2) pay for new EMC Society memberships at the 2012 through 2015 Annual Symposia and a regional conferences. Also, created EMC Society Membership and GOLD EMC Brochures. Setup and ran the first EMC Society Senior Member Elevation Event at the 2015 Symposium in Santa Clara.

Statement: I have been a member of the IEEE EMC Society for over 30 years. I am active in the TC-4 subcommittee. I have served three terms on the BoD and have been an active member while on the BoD. In fact, shortly after becoming a member of the BoD I became chairman of the newly established Completed Careers Committee; which honors those members of the EMC Society that had significantly contributed to the society and recently passed away. I am presently serving my third term as Director in Large; a position that has afforded me the opportunity to help shape the future of the EMC Society. I enjoy the time I spend supporting the EMC Society and look forward to serving the society for another 3 years on the board.


JAMES L. DREWNIAK (S’85-M’90-SM’01-F’07)

IEEE/EMCS Activities:
COMMITTEE/BOARD: TC10 Signal Integrity Chair (1st Chair and co-organizer, 5 years), TC9 Computational EMC Chair (5 years), EMC-S Distinguished Lecturer (2014-2016)
AWARDS: EMC Society Technical Achievement Award (2006), EMC Society Stoddart Award (2013), IEEE Fellow (2007)

Statement: The IEEE EMC Society has been my technical community home for 26 years, and I have served the society in several capacities including Chair of TC-9, the first chair of TC-10, and have organized many special sessions, tutorials, and workshops at the annual EMC Symposium over the past 26 years. I seek to continue service the EMC-S as a board member to assist in serving members well, including expanding the society to include a focus area of signal and power integrity, while maintaining traditionally strong core areas that include EMI, ESD, transients, shielding, computational EMC, and others.

KRIS HATASHITA (M’14) 30 years EMC engineering for industry in government agencies. 27 years Certified TEMPEST Professional, Level II. 24 years president of ISOTEC Corporation. 17 years contracted consultant to Canadian Department of National Defence. 12 years designated Subject Matter Expert for Electromagnetic Environmental Effects and EMC.

IEEE/EMCS Activities:
COMMITTEE/BOARD: Member EMCS Board of Directors (2015-2016)
CONFERENCES: General Chair, 2016 EMC Symposium, Ottawa Canada

Statement I have been a supporter and promoter of electromagnetic sciences since completing my education in 1985. I believe in the importance of the EMC industry as the electronic and information technologies continue to expand to all aspects of modern life. It is my intent, if elected to the IEEE EMCS Board of Directors to use my position to promote EMC as a viable and technically satisfying career path for new graduates in engineering and science.


SUSANNE KAULE (AM’15-M’17) is a Marketing & Sales Manager working for the Langer EMV-Technik GmbH located in Bannewitz, Germany. She is quite a newbie in the field of the EMC, but during her past 2.5 years of experience with Langer, she gained a lot of EMC/ EMI knowledge. In her role, Mrs. Kaule combines the newly gained technical specific knowledge and her marketing skills to support the market access and sales growth of the company.

Mrs. Kaule is currently responsible in a wide range from conceptual thinking to actual new business development as well as representing the company at international EMC/EMI fairs, where she even has been invited to give talks about EMC. The efforts are showing results in numerous additional satisfied customers, with which help the tools of Langer were able to solve the EMC in trouble shooting stage.

Mrs. Kaule is a member of the IEEE and an IEEE EMC Society member. She is part of the Executive Committee and an active member of the German Chapter of IEEE EMC.

Mrs. Kaule graduated from Technical University Dresden (TUD) in 2011 and holds a Bachelor in Social Science, which gave her knowledge in law, political science as well as economics. She completed her graduate study with a Masters Degree in Applied Media Science, which the main focus on Marketing.


DENNIS LEWIS (S’98-M’01) received his BS EE with honors from Henry Cogswell College and his MS Physics from the University of Washington. Dennis is a member of the IEEE and several of its technical societies including the Microwave Theory and Techniques, Electromagnetic Compatibility and the Antennas and Propagations societies. He is the Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee for North Seattle Community College. Dennis has worked at Boeing for 29 years and is recognized as a Technical Fellow. He is currently the Lead Technical Engineer over the primary RF, Microwave and Antenna Metrology labs. His recent interests include antenna and probe characterizations, aerospace applications of reverberation chamber techniques and microwave measurement systems and uncertainties.

IEEE/EMCS Activities:
COMMITTEE/BOARDS: BoD 2015-2017, IEEE Std 1309 committee “IEEE Standard for Calibration of Electromagnetic Field Sensors and Probes, Excluding Antennas, from 9 kHz to 40 GHz”
CHAPTERS: Seattle Chapter Chairman 2008-Present
Organized the following chapter events:
•  Chaired 2017 Joint EMC, APS, MTT, VT, ED and ComSoc Workshop on Antennas/EMC and Wireless
•  Chaired 2014 & 2016 Reverberation Chamber, Anechoic Chamber and OATS Users Meeting
•  Novel EMC and Antenna Measurement Techniques, October 2016
•  Simplifying Complex Wireless Device System and Performance Evaluation, September. 2015
•  Aerospace Electromagnetic Challenges and Solutions, September 2013
•  Radiated and Conducted Emissions: Tips and Tools to Increase Your EMC Design and Test Productivity, October 2011
•  The Exotic World of Metamaterials and its Relevance to EMI/EMC Engineers, March 2010
•  Incorporating Affordable EMI/EMC Software Tools into the Real-World Design Process, 2009
•  Radar Interference and Airborne RLANs, 2009
•  Essential Circuit Board Design and Layout for EMC, 2008
CONFERENCES: Local Arrangements Chairman/Co-Chair EMC 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017
AWARDS: 2013 & 2015 Boeing Special Invention Award; 2011 Certificate of Appreciation

Statement: Dennis Lewis has served as chairman of the Seattle EMC Chapter where he has organized many successful local events. He is a current Board member, past EMC Society Distinguished Lecturer, Associate Editor of the Chapter Chatter column of the EMC magazine, Global Symposium Coordinator and has served on numerous conference committees. If elected, he is excited to use this experience to help with our international symposium. Dennis is a current adjunct teacher at North Seattle College and past Student Chapter Chair at Henry Cogswell College. His focus is on increasing student awareness of job opportunities in electromagnetics and helping students enter technical career paths. One of his EMC goals is creating presentations to share at world-wide student activities to promote student career paths in EMC. He envisions a formal mentoring program at our annual symposium.


DAVY PISSOORT (M’09-SM’13) received the master and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Ghent University, Belgium, in 2001 and 2005. Until October 2006, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Ghent University. From November 2006 to July 2009, he was a Research Engineer at Agilent Technologies. Since August 2009 he has been the head of the research group Reliability in Mechatronics and ICT at KU Leuven. His current research interests include efficient electromagnetic modelling methods for EMC, SI and PI, characterization of shielding materials and gaskets, and EMI Risk Management. He published more than 50 peer reviewed papers. He is the secretary of the IEEE EMC Benelux Chapter, a Member of ISC EMC Europe, and an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions ON EMC.

IEEE/EMCS Activities:
-Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on EMC
-Member of IEEE EMC SDECom
-Chair of P2716
-Vice-chair of P1302 and P2715
-Member of P1848
CHAPTER: Secretary of the IEEE BeNeLux Section EMC Society Chapter
-Publication/Publicity Chair for EMC Compo 2011, Dubrovnik, Croatia
-Vice-chair for EMC Europe 2013, Brugge, Belgium
-Co-chair for the Workshops and Tutorials at the joined IEEE EMC and EMC Europe symposium in Dresden, Germany, 2015

Statement: I have been actively involved in the IEEE EMC Society 2009: associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on EMC, member of the IEEE SDECom, chair of the P2716 Working Group, vice-chair of the P1302 and P2715 Working Groups, and member of the 1848 Working Group. Without no doubt, the IEEE EMC Society was is a key factor in my whole professional life: access to valuable information, research papers, practical papers and lots of networking possibilities with experienced colleagues, both from industry as from academics. Therefore, I would like to contribute to the IEEE EMC Society even more by becoming member of the Board of Directors. I hope to promote more value for EMCS membership, by disseminating and exchange of experience and knowledge to and by the members.


FERRAN SILVA (S’94-AM’97-M’02-AF’12-M’13-SM’16) received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain, in 1989 and 1997, respectively. He is currently professor of electronics with the Department of Electronic Engineering, UPC. Since 2000, he is the Director of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Group in the same university (GCEM-UPC). He is author and co-author more than 90 publications in journals and conferences and contributed to the Wiley Encyclopedia of Biomedical Engineering. He has participated in more than 15 research projects related to EMC. Ferran Silva is a senior member of the IEEE EMC Society and the chair of the IEEE EMCS Spanish chapter. He is also member of the Spanish standardization committees SCTC77-210 and the CTN208 SCCISPR210A. He served as Chairman of the EMC Europe 2006 International Symposium. Since then, he belongs to the EMC Europe International Steering Committee.

IEEE/EMCS Activities:
2015-Present: Chair IEEE Spanish EMC Society chapter
2012-2015: Vice-chair IEEE Spanish EMC Society chapter
2004-2009: Chair IEEE Spanish EMC Society chapter
CONFERENCES: 2006 Chair EMC Europe (IEEE Technically Co-Sponsored Conference)

Statement: IEEE has been the technical reference during my engineering studies and in my professional career. Since I started to work in EMC 25 years ago, the IEEE EMC Society Journals and Symposium papers are the main source of information to develop my research and innovation projects. Over the last years, serving as the EMC Spanish Chapter chair, I have met colleagues for exchanging knowledge and experiences, allowing us to create an EMC community in my country. Probably now is time to get more involved in the IEEE EMC Society becoming a member of the Board of Directors. If elected, I will work with other members to further developing the EMCS, fostering new initiatives for industry and academia.


DAVID WILLIAM PHILLIP THOMAS (M’94-SM’09) is a Professor of Electromagnetics Applications and Director of The George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research, The University of Nottingham UK. His research interests are in electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic simulation, power system transients and power system protection. As well as his IEEE activities he is a member of CIGRE and convener for Joint Working Group C4.31 “EMC between communication circuits and power systems”, Chair of the European COST Action IC 1407 “Advanced Characterisation and Classification of Radiated Emissions in Densely Integrated Technologies (ACCREDIT)” and a member of the EMC Europe International Steering Committee. He has over 250 refereed publications including 86 Journal publications, 3 patent applications and one full international patent.


IEEE/EMCS Activities:
COMMITTEE/BOARD: EMC TC 7 2011-2012: Secretary, 2013-2015: Vice Chair, 2016-Present: Chair;
Chair IEEE Standards Working Group P2718 “Guide for Near-field Characterization of Unintentional Stochastic Radiators (EMC/SDCom/Stochastic Radiators)”
CHAPTER: Member of the EMC UK & IRELAND Chapter
CONFERENCES: As an officer of EMC TC 7 have contributed to TC 7’s IEEE conference activities since 2011 (Workshops, paper review etc.)
As a member of the EMC Europe ISTC contributed to the organization of IEEE EMS symposium, Dresden 2015.
I have published papers and presented workshops at IEEE EMC symposium since 2001.
1. Co Author Best oral Paper during the 4th International symposium on EMC Brugge, 2000
2.  Co Author COMPEL Highly recommended paper award 2008
3.  Co Author Award of the Best Paper of PEDG 2010
4.  Co Author Best Paper of IEEE EMC Society 2015 symposium
5.  Co Author Best paper of the poster session 3rd IEEE workshop on metrology for aerospace

Statement: I have been active in the IEEE EMC since 2001 and currently chair of EMCS TC-7. I will continue to support and promote its activities. I am also a member of IEEE PES and CIGRE. I am, therefore, particularly interested in extending liaison and collaboration between EMCS and these international organizations.

I believe the EMC Society must continue to promote close cooperation and exchange of technical information among its members and other professional societies through local chapter and annual international symposia and other technical meetings. However, it is very important to inform and education society as a whole on the importance of EMC as it impacts all the latest developments in electrical and electronics industries, such as smart cities, electric cars and more electric aircraft. Only through an understanding of the importance of EMC can adequate support be given which underpins innovation. I will therefore actively support such outreach activities.


NICK WAINWRIGHT (AM’01-M’03-SM’17) As Chief Executive of York EMC Services (YES) I am responsible for day-to-day technical and business decisions. I take a very hands-on approach to this role which can range from designing EMC laboratories to delivering training courses and speaking at international conferences.

My early career involved carrying out EMC tests on telecoms equipment and, after moving to York in 1990, developed into a much broader set of EMC testing skills. I developed and managed the UKAS accredited test laboratory at Castleford for 10 years before joining the Board of YES in 2002.

I am a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Department of Electronics’ Industrial Advisory Board at the University of York where I can provide an all-important industry perspective to the Department’s activities.

IEEE/EMCS Activities: I have been a member of IEEE for over 13 years and was elevated to Senior Member in 2017. I have been an active contributor to international conferences and chapter meetings for over 10 years.
COMMITTEE/BOARD: Executive Committee Member: IEEE UK and Ireland Section
•  Committee Member: EMC Chapter, IEEE UK and Ireland Section
•  Speaker: EMC Chapter meeting, May 2015 - “From Industrial Shed to Accredited Laboratory”
•  Speaker: EMC Chapter meeting, July 2013 – “A New Emissions Standard for Multimedia Equipment”
•  Committee Member Designate: Joint IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and EMC Europe, Glasgow, 2021
•  Speaker: International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility Wroclaw, Poland, 2016 - “Tackling the Issue of Non-Compliant Products with a New EMC Directive”
•  Keynote Speaker: 10th International Workshop on the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits, EMC Compo, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2015
•  Speaker: Joint IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and EMC Europe, Dresden 2015 - “Can the New EMC Directive, 2014/30/EU, Stem the Tide of Non-Compliant Products?”
•  Speaker: International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility Gothenburg, Sweden, 2014 - “Ten Years of Joint Cross-Border EMC Market Surveillance, but are products any more compliant?” and “Understanding the Importance of Administrative Compliance”
•  Speaker: International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility Brugge, Belgium, 2013 - “Is Administrative Compliance Your Achilles Heel?”

Statement: I have been an active member of the EMC Society for over 13 years. In that time I have contributed to many international conferences and UK chapter meetings on EMC in a speaker role. This is something that I continue to derive a great deal of satisfaction.
In the last 2 years I have become active at Section level in IEEE UK and Ireland, developing and managing the Section’s website as well as sitting on the Executive Committee. This experience has given me a greater insight into IEEE and has more clearly identified for me how I can contribute at a more strategic level.

My Chief Executive role within York EMC Services requires me to have a balance of business and technical skills and I am firmly of the opinion that I can add value to the EMC Society in a position of Director-at-Large.


TZONG-LIN WU (S’93-M’98-SM’04-F’13) received the B.S.E.E. and Ph.D. degrees from National Taiwan University (NTU), in 1991 and 1995, respectively. He is a Distinguished Professor in the EE Department and Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering (GICE), NTU. His research interests include EMC/EMI and signal/power integrity design for high-speed digital/optical systems. Tzong-Lin was appointed as the Director of the GICE since 2012. He received Outstanding Research Awards from National Science Council (NSC) in 2010 and 2013, IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging Best Paper Award in 2011, IEEE Fellow grade in 2013, and IEEE EMC Society Motohisa Kanda Award in 2015. He is also serving as the associate editor of IEEE T-EMC and T-CPMT.

IEEE/EMCS Activities:
COMMITTEE/BOARD: TC-9/TC-10 members, board member of the IEEE Taipei Section in 2013-2016
CHAPTER: Chapter chair of EMCS Taipei Chapter in 2013-2014
CONFERENCES: General Chair of 2015 Asia Pacific EMC Symposium (APEMC’15)
AWARDS: EMC Technical Achievement Award in 2009, IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging Best Paper Award in 2011, IEEE Fellow grade in 2013, IEEE EMC Society Motohisa Kanda Award in 2015.

Statement: EMC is one of the essential areas for the progress of future electronic technologies. EMC community has a good opportunity to enhance her worldwide visibility and influence in next decade. EMC society could further grow by tightly bridging the industries, academia, and students. Through encouraging the involvement of industrial and academic experts in each region, we could help local chapters to hold mini-workshops with combining the distinguished lecture (DL) from society. It will help local chapters to attract more new members.

IEEE EMC Magazine and IEEE Transactions on EMC are two main publications in our community. More invited papers with reviewing or overview articles for future EMC technologies may be able to fast increase our impact and influence in EMC community. Enhancing our society website with multiple-country languages and providing more basic knowledge and some successful stories of EMC experts may help bringing more young talents and students to join us.

Planning EMC design competition program in EMC symposiums is another way to promote the impact and visibility of EMC society. Through the TCs’ help, some challenging problems or experiments could be announced, say, 6 months before the EMC Symposium and call for participants. The competition and demonstration could be held in the EMC symposium to attract more participants from academia and industries.


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