Call for EMC Society Board of Directors Nominations

Nominations due May 27, 2016


Candidate nominations are now being accepted for the 2016 IEEE Annual Elections ballot for Director-at-Large positions on the IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors (BoD) for a three-year term, beginning January 1, 2017. In accordance with the bylaws, nominations may be made by the Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee or by petition by individual voting members.

To be eligible for consideration as a candidate by the N&A Committee, a nomination supported by signatures of at least fifteen (15) EMC Society higher-grade members (i.e., excluding those of students and affiliates) in good standing (i.e., dues paid), excluding the candidate, must be submitted, accompanied by a BoD Candidate Nomination Form available at www.emcs.org.

Individual voting members may also propose, by petition, names to be added to the EMC Society annual election ballot for positions of Director at-Large to be elected by the voting members of the EMC Society for the coming term. Such petitions shall carry a minimum of 80 names of Society higher-grade members in good standing.

A secure on line petition web site will be set up for each eligible candidate (a hyperlink to all the nominee sites will be on the EMC-S web site, www.emcs.org. Nominees may alternatively submit paper-form petitions. Only signatures submitted electronically or original signatures on paper-form petitions shall be accepted. Facsimiles, or other copies of the original signature, shall not be accepted.

Candidates who plan to run should contact as soon as possible the N&A Committee Chair (e-mail: bob.scully@ieee.org) and provide their full name, IEEE membership number and Grade and their preferred manner for petition submission.

Nominees should possess significant technical and professional stature in Electromagnetic Compatibility or the affiliate arts and should have adequate financial and corporate/personal resources external to the Society to be able to attend all Board meetings and actively contribute to the business of the Society, including committee activities, correspondence, telephone calls, and other duties as assigned.

Nominees must be members of the IEEE and of the EMC Society, and be of good standing. Elected Directors must serve a three-year term commencing January 1, 2017. Attendance at the last Board meeting of the 2016 year is also desirable. No member can serve more than two (2) consecutive three-year terms, including partial terms.

Nominations shall be submitted to the N&A Committee. All candidates willing to run and serve are required to submit to the N&A Committee, in addition to the petition, the BoD Candidate Nomination Form including the following elections material for inclusion on the ballot:

  • Personal biography – Technical and professional experience, not to exceed 125 words in length, intended to round out the profile of the candidate's experience outside the IEEE and EMC-S activities.

  • Factual summary of IEEE/EMC-S Activities, not to exceed 150 words in length, intended to summarize the candidate's current and past service to the IEEE and the EMC Society.

  • A candidate photograph taken within two years of 1 August 2015. A digital photograph can be submitted electronically in either TIF or high-quality JPEG format. The photo should be the original digital file, 300 dots per inch (dpi) resolution.

  • Statement of candidacy, not to exceed 150 words in length.

Please submit the elections material, including the nomination form with digital photograph to the Nominations and Appointments Committee Chair: Bob Scully e-mail: bob.scully@ieee.org

Qualifying nominations and all supporting documentation shall be provided to the N&A Committee with a date-tag of no later than May 27, 2016.

For answers to any questions, please contact Dr. Scully or any member of the Board of Directors.

A Microsoft Word template for the petition and BoD Candidate Nomination Forms shall be available on line at the EMC-S web site www.emcs.org after January 1, 2016.


Meet the Candidates

Henry Benitez

Alistair Duffy

Frank Leferink

Carlos Sartori

Mike Violette

Jun Fan

Kris Hatashita

John Norgard

Xiaoning Ye